About Us

Buy me a momo was started in 2022, to give creators a simple way to connect with their fans and get financial support to accomplish their creative goals. It hopes to provide a secure and reliable way for people to receive and give donations to each other.

We were inspired by "Buy me a coffee" and developed this for the people of our country Nepal. What is best than momo for us? We love momos and hope you do as well.

We hope to connect with the Nepali masses by using the most popular food item mo:mo in our name and logo. Buy me a momo hopes to provide Nepali content creators a platform to connect with their fans and build a closer and stronger community. Buy me a momo also hopes to provide a platform for the average Nepali to get donations as help for any sort of financial problems they may be facing. If you are an upcoming creator, especially an online one then we recommend you to use Buy me a momo and receive momos (receive donations) from your fans.

Many creators may not be getting paid what they are worth. On buy me a momo, they can be funded by their own fans in the form of momos (donations). We hope that Buy me a momo can connect Content Creators with their fans. Nepali online content creators get paid little to nothing for the hard work they put in. So, we thought why don’t we provide a solution by letting their fan base donate to them to support the creative content they put out. This does not just support the creator but also builds a close connection between the creator and the fans.

Buy me a momo can be your start to a safe and reliable way to donate to your favorite content creator and people in need. If you are a young or upcoming content creator then start your amazing journey in Buy me a momo now.